Big Brothers Big Sisters is an internationally recognised youth mentoring programme that forms supportive friendships for young people inspiring them to brighter futures. Big Brothers Big Sisters nationally and internationally is proven through research to improve young people’s wellbeing, improve their social support and relationships with others. BBBS is operated in Ireland by Foróige and is currently available in 14 counties.

The essence of the Big Brother Little Brother programme is rooted in the most fundamental human relationships: a caring interaction between two people, one older than the other. Out of this interaction young people develop in ways that will make them more likely to succeed in the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

We are the first school in Carrickmacross to participate in this programme and so far it has been a great success and has helped to make the difficult transition into first year much easier. First year students get the opportunity to build up a strong friendship with fifth year students with similar interests and hobbies. This means they have someone to turn to and trust if they are ever finding things difficult in school. They have participated in a number of activities, working alongside each other while having some fun, these include table quizzes and scavenger hunts. We plan on having many more fun activities throughout the year.

The programme in PHS is co-ordinated by Ms. O. McKenna and Mr Mills.