Core Subjects


Wellbeing Courses

Social, Personal and Health Education, SPHE
Civic, Social and Political Education, CSPE
Religious Education
Transition Guidance
Physical Education

Option Subjects

Business Studies
Art, Craft, Design
Technical Graphics
Materials Technology Wood

Optional Short Courses

Artistic Performance
Chinese Language and Culture
Architectural Design /Sustainable Technology

Compulsory Short Course

Physical Education
Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE)

**Please note students study all subject for first year.

They must then select four optional subjects along with two short courses for certification.

All students will also study Physical Education and CSPE.

Optional Short Courses

Optional Short Courses For Junior Cycle

Coding (NCCA)

The short course aims to develop the student’s ability to formulate problems logically; to design, write and test code through the development of programs, apps, games, animations or websites; and, through their chosen learning activities, to learn about computer science.

Philosophy (NCCA)

This short course in philosophy aims to engage students in philosophical enquiry and dialogue about life’s big questions and to develop critical, creative, collaborative, caring thinkers who can participate in informed discourse and act in the world in a more reflective manner.

Architectural Design and Sustainable Technology (Developed in School)

This short course will contain the following strands: Sustainable building technologies in domestic dwellings, architectural design, planning towards a green environment (wind turbines, geothermal energy, solar gains), cost of new technologies and retrofitting to improve home energy consumption

Chinese Language & Culture (NCCA)

This short course aims to enable students to reach set basic proficiency levels in spoken and written Mandarin Chinese, develop their cultural and intercultural awareness, and learn to plan and evaluate their progress in learning Chinese.

Artistic Performance (NCCA)

Artistic performance aims to engage students in artistic practices with others, by offering a structure that can be used to facilitate collaborative and individual imaginative and creative initiatives, leading to a group performance.

Mechatronics (Developed in School)

In this short course students will learn about and experience drawing and design, computer usage and 3D CAD, electronics, mechanics and mechanisms, robotics and programming

Mandatory Short Courses

Physical Education

The short course in physical education aims to develop students as knowledgeable, skillful and creative participants who are confident and competent to perform in a range of activities safely. The course aims to build students’ appreciation of the importance of health-enhancing and inclusive physical activity and a commitment to it now, and in the future.

Civic, Social and Political Education _(CSPE)

Civic, Social and Political Education: CSPE is an important part of a wellbeing programme within junior cycle as it enables students to feel connected to and take responsibility for the wellbeing of others. It also develops students’ confidence, agency and engagement which are important characteristics of student wellbeing.