Lunch break commences daily at 1:05 for a 35-minute duration until 1:40. During this time students may use the gym and Astroturf on-site facilities for recreation purposes. It is school policy that all food and drinks are consumed before entering the facilities. A supervising teacher is on hand to ensure compliance. The following is a guide to the activities that occur during the lunch period.


Students, using the gym are permitted to use both handball walls. They must remove footwear beforehand and must adhere to safety procedures. Normally students take part in a game of King of the Castle. Senior students are encouraged to keep to the bottom end of the court and junior students towards the top.



There is a high demand for the Astroturf during lunch period by pupils and a fair system has been put in place to ensure that all students get time to use the facility safely. Each Year Group has been allocated a certain day and the first ten students from that year to arrive get to use the turf, rotating with others after ten minutes, if there is a high demand on any given day. The supervising teacher ensures all students get a fair allocation of time. Usually, Students will use the Astro to play football. The following table shows the breakdown of how the facility is used weekly.