Pope John Paul Award

The Pope John Paul II Award is dedicated to the memory of the late Pope John Paul II whose love of young people was so profound. The Award was launched by the Papal Nuncio to Ireland His Excellency Most Rev Dr Giuseppe Lazzarotto on 7th November 2006 in the Diocese of Derry, Ireland.

The Pope John Paul II Award enables students to become more actively involved in the life of their parish and community. Religion is not just for learning, nor a list of rules designed to stop you doing what you want. Religion is for living and through taking an active part in their churches and communities students experience the contentment and fulfilment that comes from serving others, especially those in great need.

As well as the feeling of personal achievement student’s gain from taking part in the award, participation will help to show future employers and educators that these young people can make an ongoing commitment to a task. The award is non-competitive, flexible and voluntary.

Students in transition year take part in this programme each year under the guidance of Miss Mc Carville who liaises with award leaders in the surrounding parishes.