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Jan 14 2016

CS First - A blog from first year students 

December 2015 

Here in the Patrician High School, two First Year classes, St. Benedict’s and St. Benjamin’s are participating in an IT programme called “CS First”. CS First is made and sponsored by Google and is all about teaching both primary and secondary level kids how to code using tablets and computers. In our first term using CS First we did 8 different projects in our first theme, which was called “Friends”. Our guru (Ms.Tyrell) divided us up into groups of two and each week did a new activity. Each activity was making use different pieces of code to achieve a goal in the activity. They were all good fun to do. Some activities were harder than others like the “Create a Company” for example. In this activity we had to create a product and then pitch it with a movie using only code, backdrops and characters which we call “sprites”. Next term we are starting a new theme called “Sport” and we hope to bring you an update during the next term.

Janurary 2016


We learned in the sports theme 8 activities .We learned how to move a sprite.

In activity 1 we did the victory celebration. We learned how to make the sprite

Celebrate after scoring a goal.

In activity 2 we learned how to make the commentators talk about the game. We learned how to make the sprite perform routines using looks blocks.

 In activity 3 we played a game with an athlete and also a bouncing ball. By using the arrow keys it is controlled. When they hit the ball it will rebound back to them .

 In activity four we learned how to make a sports commercial gadget for people who play sports.

In activity five we learned how to make a ball go to a moving sprite. To do this we used the key pressed sprite, touch sprite and pick random block.

In activity six we built a sports analysis game. The sprite plays baseball and it counts the number of shots he took without missing.

In activity seven we made an obstacle course with an extreme athlete is moving through it. The user has to dodge the obstacle using the mouse.

 In eight we made a scene where an athlete is being inter viewed about his club experience.

 St. Benedict’s working on their CS First projects in R7


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