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Dec 22 2015

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Being safe online is a must have in the technological world we live in particularly for the youth of today.  At the Patrician High School we have always campaigned for internet safety awareness.   

As advocates of staying smart online we are pleased to announce that during this academic year two of our own transition year students Fionn O’Callaghan and James Finegan have been welcomed as members onto the Webwise Youth Panel.

Webwise is the Irish Internet Safety Awareness Centre providing teaching resources and advice on internet safety topics including cyberbullying and privacy. The Safer Internet Ireland Youth Advisory Panel is made up of thirty members from all over the country who meet several times a year. The panel play an active role in developing the national Safer Internet Day awareness campaign.  The Internet is an indispensable part of our everyday lives but we must make all users aware of the negative aspects.

Both Fionn and James have already met up with the panel in Liberty Hall, Dublin.  They discussed and debated topics related to specific websites, apps and internet safety.  Since its inception we at Patrician have always celebrated Safer Internet Day (SID), and will continue to do so - 9th February 2016.  Further debates and discussions amongst the Webwise Youth Panel will take place in the Clock Tower, Department of Education and Skills on January 5th.

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